Friday, February 27, 2009


I didn't realize that running could make a person so sore! I usually can do 20-30 minutes on the Elliptical with no repercussion, but running on a treadmill made me hips sore. My hips. How odd! I guess it just goes to show how high-impact running on a treadmill is compared to the elliptical.

I even though I said I wasn't going to turn this into an exercise blog, I do want to talk a little about the goals I posted yesterday. The reason for the dates on my goals are as follows:

The March 30th goal is because that's the date that next quarter starts and I want to be fitter before starting my weight training course, as I have no idea the level of fitness the other students will have or what is expected of me. Originally I wanted to be at 180, but then one week I gained instead of losing so I made it a more realistic 185.

The second goal, June 7th is because that's when I'm leaving for North Carolina with my mom. We're going to the Outer Banks, which we have for the past 3 years (Except not me last year because I was flying to Italy). I hope to be 170 by then, which I think is realistic also. It's 15 lbs in about 11 (Or 12?) weeks. That's a little over a pound a week and I think with the weight training, this will be very possible and I may even be able to lose more than that. I will have to continue exercising, since I'll be in a class and my grade will depend on it!

In knitting news, I am getting tired of the Chur Relic-Purse. I'm a little over half done. I just have a few more rows of the blue/red motif and then some stripes, the tan/red motif, more stripes and arrows, and then some tassels. I have to have this finished in a little over a week, so I guess I should kick it into gear!

I want to knit other things. Like Hey Teach!. I swatched for it yesterday in the Knit Picks Mainline in adobe that I have. I'd originally bought it for Bella Paqiuta, and then changed my mind and picked out Wicked. Now I've settled on Hey Teach! because I really like the pattern and this yarn will work well with it. I'm doing a few mods, like an eyelet hem/neckline, a garter stitch button band (instead of a picked up 1X1 rib), twisted rib at the waist, and 3/4 sleeves.

Last night I worked on my mom's Emerald(Ravlink). Yes, I know it's finished already, but I had to make a couple of adjustments. The collar was HUGE and the button hole after blocking was in the crotchular region. It was also stretching at the shoulders since there wasn't a seam there.

Sooo I ripped out most of the collar, and redid it with only 1 sew of short rows, replaced the button hole (which is now too high, bleh). I also crocheted a chain along the back where the body of the sweater meets the collar to give it some more structure. It'll fit a lot better and mom won't even need the button, which is good because she wanted to be able to wear it open anyhow.

Today might be a good day for some yoga to stretch away some of this soreness..

Until tomorrow (I think).

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Anonymous said...

I am always surprised when fitness on the elliptical does not necessarily translate into "real-world" fitness.

I can easily do an hour of cardio, but spreading five bags of mulch kicks my butt!

Good luck with the weight loss. Just remember you might not see pounds lost as you get more muscle, but your clothes will definitely look better.

I haven't lost much "weight", but my pants are really starting to hang loose in the butt and thighs. I'll go with that even though I'd LOVE the scale to show some more change.

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