Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm sleepy. I didn't get much sleep last night. I went to my mom's to visit and I stayed up late watching movies.

Mom, the BF, the little bro and I all watched Step Brothers together (So funny, love Will!). Afterwards mom and I watched a movie about a guy who wanted to swim the English Channel (Pretty good), and the the BF and I watched most of 300, which we finished today. I was up pretty late!

Today I had breakfast at Bob Evan's, did (more) laundry, drove home from mom's, went to the gym, to Buffalo Wild Wing's for dinner (Where I was pretty good and had a grilled chicken sandwich and a salad), to Half Price Books, and finally to Caribou Coffee (For a small skim latte). Mmmm.

I finished the Jester Socks yesterday. I wore them most of the day (not while I was out and about). I likes them a lot.

Anyhow I'm doing well expressing what I want, so methinks I'll leave that to another day.

I saw a survey on Male Knitters at another blog, it's open to both men and women. It's about your perceptions of male knitters and a few other things, I think it's for a book, but I didn't look in to it too much. If you'd like to help out, here's the link:

I'm going to watch some Heroes and then head off to bed.


P.S. Workout 2 week 1 completed

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