Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I got nothin'


Okay, I do have a few things.

I'm almost done with the Chur Relic-Purse, which is good since it's due next week.

I started Hey, Teach! Even though I shouldn't have. I knit a front already.

I'm tired.

I fell and bruised the inside of my right knee and the back of my left leg (on my quad).

I made really awesome veggie soup on Sunday.

My apartment is a mess and I don't care.

I worked out today even though my left leg is sore.

Workout 3 week 1 completed.


Courtney said...

Can't wait to see the bag when it's finished!

By the way, I saw your Twitter message about the Wii Fit. I have one, and I think it's lots of fun. I like the yoga exercises and the kind of goofy games like hula-hooping.

Emily said...

Pretty excited to see that bag :)

Candice said...

How are you liking the Hey Teach? Every time I go to buy yarn I think about grabbing some for that pattern!

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