Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm a machine

So, I have 2 new FOs to share with you (Are you tired of all of these FOs, yet?).

1st: Cuttin' It Close Cowl



Why the name? Because I only had this much yarn left:


I made this for a gift exchange at work. Its not until Dec. 19th, but I was thinking about it at the LYS on Friday (while I was knitting on my other FO), and I picked up this yarn. I chose this color because the recipient is a Michigan fan. They happen to be the rivals of my school, but that's okay I love my coworker anyway ;-). Their colors are yellow and navy, so I thought this would suit her tastes just fine.

Cowl Recipe:

I just kind of winged it on this. I thought that it turned out pretty nicely. Not to mention easy, I cast on Friday night and I was done Saturday afternoon.

So, I used another cowl pattern to find out what kind of width/length I wanted and I did a swatch, cast on and only had to rip back once.

Materials I used:
Size 10.5 16" circular needles
Darning needle

Yarn I used:
Malabrigo Worsted, held double

Gauge I had:
3.5 sts per inch, row gauge is unimportant

Pattern: Ravel it! Not on Ravlery? Find it here.

2nd: Calorimetry



This is for my step-grandmother. It still needs a button she is obsessed with loves her dogs so I thought a cute paw-print button or something of that type would be appropriate.

Yarn: Leftover Cascade Ecological Wool from Emerald
Pattern: Calorimetry
Mods: I had bigger gauge so I cast on fewer stitches and did fewer short rows
Thoughts: Easy pattern, quick knit, great for gifts. =)

Today I have a group project to film, which will be interesting. That's soonish.

Enjoy your Sunday. =)

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