Sunday, November 30, 2008


So, a week, huh? Yeah, a week. I've been busy. I was working on group projects the first 2 nights of the week. Wednesday I went to my dad's to have 'Thanksgiving' with him, since it was my year to go to my mom's. My step-grandmother was supposed to come, but she was sick and couldn't make it. Thursday my mom and I cooked all morning and then we ate, and then I knitted all evening. I finished Branching Out. I knit half of it in one sitting. I even memorized the lace repeat. No pics. It's not blocked and the weather today is crappy.

Friday I worked and then hung out at my LYS with a couple of friends. Then I went to the BF's parent's house to hang with them. We played Euchre and the BF and I lost. We were up 6 to 0 and then they caught up and we only made it to 8 before they won.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day. I had yet another Thanksgiving meal at my uncle's house. I got to see my younger cousins. As soon as I walked through the door, Anna (2) ran right up to me and I picked her up and was talking to her. I tried to get her to see my mom for a minute, and all I could do was get my coat off before she wanted me to pick her back up. Then I fixed her a plate and tried to get her to sit next to her dad, and she followed me back up to the food table and wouldn't sit down until I did. Later, I got up to go to the other side of the room and say goodbye to my brother and talk to the adults and she ran over, grabbed my hand and drug me to the other side of the room. It was so cute. =) I'm always surprised when they remember me and want me to play with them the whole time because I don't see them too often.

Saturday I also dyed some cotton yarn I had purchased some Sugar 'n' Cream cotton on sale for a gift and then I didn't use it so I decided to try my hand a dying and see what happened. My original plan involved Kool-Aide, until I did some research and found out that cotton doesn't take Kool-Aide, only protein base fibers do. Sooo I headed to Jo-Ann's on Friday and picked up some dye. I did one solid and one vareigated. You'll have to wait until it dries and the weather is better for a pic. =P (See, appropriate title.)

I still have a 2 page paper to write (this is why I'm writing this blog...). It won't take long at all so I don't know why I'm procrastinating so much. I was going to write it yesterday, but I decided that reorganizing my 300+ favorites on Ravelry for easier browsing was a better idea. What, aren't you favorite sweaters organized by yarn weight?! I also found Tokyo (Ravlink), which I will definitely be knitting. My SP from SP 12 gifted me some Jagerspun Zephyr which is what the pattern calls for, so I only need to get the fingering weight yarn. The Zephyr is a really pretty brown/tan color which I like but I wasn't sure if I wanted to to be a shawl. This will be the perfect project for it. But, alas, another project set on the back burner until after Christmas. Also probably after I make myself the Windowpane Coat (Ravlink) out of some snuggly Ecowool, as Tokyo is a very light, warm-weather top, and winter is just beginning here in Ohio.

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