Thursday, April 8, 2010


The crochet bug bit me! I know, weird, right? After hanging out on a forum at Ravelry for a bit we were talking about crochet and I wanted to do a differed sort of creating for a bit! I made two projects in the past couple of days. One:



(Technically 2, if you count the flower as a separate project since it's a separate pattern)


Pattern: Baby Flapper Hat by Melissa Wen [Ravel it!] And Little Double Blossom Crochet Flower[Rav only!] by Jane Dominguez
Yarn: Plymouth Cotton Fantasy Naturale Solid
Hook: 5.5mm
-1 fewer round of dec
-crocheted to 5.5” before doing the border
-Did the shell stitch w/ dc instead of tc and only slip stitched/chained 3 instead of 4 to make up for the dc.
-Used a different flower! I used the little double blossom crochet flower.
Thoughts: Cute! Easy! Fun!

I didn't make this for anyone in particular. I bought that cotton for a separate reason (actually it was supposed to be the pink in my log cabin blanket but it's thicker than the Cotton Fleece I'm using so I didn't like the contrast) and it's been staring me in the face for a while (What in the heck else could I do with bright pink cotton than make a child/baby hat? It did actually end up toddler sized since I used a larger crochet hook.

My second project is this little basket! I had some handspun that I had no idea what to do with, since it wasn't very much. I knew it was thick enough to go with the 5.5mm hook and so I whipped this little basket up!

Little Basket!




Yarn: Handspun wool/silk noils dk-heavy worsted, less than 2 oz
Hook: Size 5.5mm
Pattern: Little Basket! by Me. Ravel it! Not on Ravelry? Find it here.

This project took about an hour, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I basically used all of the stuff that I learned how to do making the hat. Crocheting is so much quicker than knitting! Although it does use up so much more yarn! I am not a converted crafter, but I do think that some things just lend themselves to crochet. I will not hesitate to pick up the hook again for a satisfying little project or maybe some pretty edging on a knitted projcet. =)


knottygnome said...

yay for the crochet bug!

Emily said...

Those are way cool!

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