Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is it summer yet?

I actually am not overly fond of summer, at least not in Ohio. It's terribly humid here and I hate sweating. My car used to not have any air conditioner so I would take a shower, get ready for work, and by the time I got to work I would almost need another shower. Humidity makes warm weather so heavy. It's miserable.

But, in the spring time, it is a welcome change. Today it was 80* F here. It was lovely. And after reading this post by Emily, I was inspire to have some quiet time of my own. I did some laundry today and hung it out on the line, and while it was drying I sat in the sun and finished another book in the lilac perfumed air. In books often times there is air that is "thick with the perfume of" such and such a flower. I don't know that I really have experienced that until today. There was a lilac bush behind the deck and a few yards away near the drive way, as well as a gorgeous and heady scented blooming tree in the yard. It was very pleasant. Very relaxing.

Yes, another book. The past week or two I've been on another reading kick and I haven't been knitting nearly as much. I tend to go through phases, spinning, reading, knitting... crocheting they can last a month or a week or maybe just a few days, but in that phase there is little else that I'd like to do.

Since I graduated I've been reading "trashy" books. Not necessarily romance novels, but novels that would definitely not be considered literature. I'm hooked on the Anita Blake vampire hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton. I was thinking, while reading the last book, that while I like reading her books, they are a little tiring. They are non-stop action. There is very little down time, time for the reader, or even the main character, to catch their breath. Not only within the single book, but within the series. It is a lot of action and events that happen in a relatively short amount of time. I do feel a little guilty about that so I started reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. It's actually quite enjoyable, though it promises to be a long read.

What books are your favorites?

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KellieBelle said...

I also got hooked on the Anita Blake series...and I also took a break to read Jane Eyre last year!!! How funny is that?! I also like the Dresden series by Jim Butcher nad I started reading the Sword of Truth series after watching Legend of the Seeker.
PS I want your warm weather!!

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