Sunday, June 8, 2008



I went to the ticket office a little before 7 and there was someone there (There's a 9:45 flight so I'm assuming they were there probably even a little earlier). I told her what happened and she told me there would be a $200 fee to change my flight. That's it! I was so relieved that I didn't have to buy another ticket!!! I'm leaving at the same time I would have yesterday. So I only lost a day (and lots of tears). I'm going to be on my way to Italy in a little over an hour!!


I am at JFK, waiting for 7:30 PM to roll around. The Eurofly ticket counter is only open between 7:30PM and 10:30PM everyday, for some reason. So I'm waiting to talk to them and hopefully I won't be out the $550 I spent on a ticket. If I am, I'll have to buy another ticket at full price, I'm guessing upwards of $800, which is a total bummer.

What else is a total bummer is that I have to spend all day at this airport. That will have made 16 hours total in the past day and a half that I've spent waiting in airports.

But luckily I have things to do, like surf the internet, watch all 3 of Pirates of the Carribean, and lots of yarn for knitting. Unfortunately they don't have outlets near seating so I'm sitting on the floor by some pay phones.

I should be in Rome right now! =/


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