Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More projects than pictures

Hello there, blog. I'm sorry I haven't posted sooner. I really had a post planned out for the second week of November. My internet at home is decidedly not working. I keep getting a "good" signal but it only has local access. It's really, really frustrating. I'm currently at work. No matter, though. Last time I had working internets I uploaded a couple of project photos.

Sorry no knitting, though. It was my second sewing project (since I've made it, I've had 2 more classes, neither of which has resulted in finished products. As soon as I get my own sewing machine, I will be able to complete them!)

Actually, I can't share pictures with you. =( Work says that Photobucket is restricted and I'm not allowed to look at it (in the break room where we're allowed to use the internet for whatever, no less).


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Ria said...

At work I can't get RAvelry (it's considered a social network... I guess it is) I can't get hotmail, but the guys on the overnite crew keep getting caught looking at porn!!

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