Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sewing sewing sewing...

My sewing class was this past Monday! I had a really good time and I enjoyed the sewing process. I think this is something that I will really come to enjoy. We made a small bag for our first project. Truthfully, I think that our second project, a pillow, would have been an easier first project but it was kind of nice to just dive right in. This project included inserting a zipper, using fusible interfacing & fusible fleece, quilting, and sewing on a curve. All in all I think my little bag turned out pretty well, even if it's not perfect (Really not perfect!).

The color is truest in the top photo. I don't know why my camera has such a hard time capturing colors correctly. *sigh*  

I must confess the ribbon isn't really supposed to be there. I accidentally cut the zipper fabric to 11" instead of 12" (my brain must have skipped a beat) so I needed some extra length, hence the ribbon.

The next class isn't until the 18th. I can't wait!


knottygnome said...

very cool! cute bag. (and pillow shams were my first sewing project, btw. they definitely threw you into the deep end with the bag but good for you for doing it!)

Mollie. said...

Hi Abby! I wanted to let you know that you won the Green Bean Studio giveaway on Wild Olive! Send me an email so that we can get you your stamps. (molliejohanson at gmail dot com)

Anna said...

cute pouch! gotta love zippers, right! :)

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