Saturday, July 31, 2010

When it comes I wanna wail... MAAAAIIIIILLLL!

I got awesome things in the mail today!! First off, I got a package in the mail from Sarah over at Knotty Gnome Knits I entered her birthday contest and won. How awesome is she to give things to other people on her birthday? ^_~


My package included some specially dyed merino/tencel fiber which is GORGEOUS.
Some Malabrigo lace, and who doesn't love Malabrigo?

And- SURPRISE!- she made me an apron. How adorable is that?? This is me wearing it in my kitchen. I put it on almost immediately. I'm making pavlova for dessert tonight (more on that later) inspired by Louise over at Satisfied.


As you can see from the first picture there is also a hand crocheted shawl in the package. It's in Malabrigo Sock "Stone Chat" it is Sarah's original pattern, Walden. I didn't take a close up of it because she took some great photos of it already that can be seen here. It's lovely and if it wasn't like 80% humidity outside I might be wearing it around the house... hehe. And last but not least, a bar of organic chocolate- always a welcome addition!

Also in the mail something almost as fun but not quite, a package from the Loopy Ewe. I saw on Sheri's blog that there was some new Madeline Tosh in the store and it looked so awesome in the pictures that I had to snag some for myself. I bought 2 skeins in  "Victorian Gothic" to make a shrug to wear at the office. I have to say I really love the little touches in the package, likeza handwritten note from Sheri and some small samples of other yarns. Very nice, Loopy Ewe! =)

I also bought some square needles just to try out. I hope they live up to what they say they are!

Whew! That was a lot of stuff. Today is a good day. =)


Emily said...

I've tried the square needles and actually think they are pretty cool! I bet they are good as double pointed...

AWESOME package!

knottygnome said...

yayyyy, you got it! i'm so glad that you liked everything!

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