Saturday, July 24, 2010


I told you if I thought of it I'd share some actual knitting. This is aabout 40% of a lace scarf I'm making for someone special (no one who reads this blog, I'm sure).

When I finish it it'll be mailed to Ohio to enjoy use in colder weather.

It's odd, here in AZ hibernation time is summer because most people don't want to be outside, while in OH it's the winter. People being indoors means germs are easily spread and I've managed to capture some of them. I'm not especially ill, but I do indeed sound like a man rather than a woman and it's a little disconcerting.

Any matter, I hope there's more knitting content to share with you sooner rather than later.



Louise said...

I'm running into more and more creative people who cook and knit? I wonder if knitting is my hidden talent? Looks warm and cozy I'm sure the person you are giving it to will love it... Homemade gifts are the best. Wish it were hot here, Orange County weather feels like spring... Thanks for stopping by Satisfied-Louise

Candice said...

If you were in Ohio the last few weeks you'd be hibernating indoors, too! It's been HOT! Sticky, humid, and stay-indoors-with-A/C-on-full-blast HOT!

Emily said...

You always make the most beautiful things! And I am always drooling over them...

Beautiful scarf! I also find myself knitting things that make me crank the air up in the house! Blankets in July? Why not?

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