Thursday, January 28, 2010


So remember like ages ago I got some brown Casacde Ecologial wool? It started out as the Windowpane Coat, as a sleeve of an O.W.L.S. sweater, and then at a loss about what to do with it I had a survey.

After the survey nothing really happened with it. Until this past Sunday. I gave up on Velia for a while. She's in time out. I was knitting Velia because I wanted a heavier sweater that I could knit quickly and wear while it was still cold outside. So the answer to that is the Shalom Cardigan.

I cast on on Sunday and last night I finished the yolk. My gauge was a bit smaller so I did have to cast on some extra stitches and also change the increases, but I'm loving it so far. I'm fairly sure I want it to be long sleeved which I thought might be complicated to do but the whole thing is really simple and ingenious! Plus I love a good twisted rib.

I did a bit of a photo shoot today, but Photobucket wasn't cooperating and I only got one picture uploaded...


Hopefully this will go quickly and I'll have a finished product within the next week or so!

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