Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey, You!

I finished my Hey, Teach! last week.

I did a photo shoot with the BF yesterday. He did a pretty good job.

I need to find another button for it.

In this one I was just straightening out my sleeves and he snapped the pic. It's actually one of my favorites. =)

I'm adding this one because it's the BF's favorite. It was a "C'mon take the dang picture and stop screwing around!" face. ;-)

Yarn: Knit Picks Mainline in Adobo ~10 skeins (~820 yds)
Needle: Size 8
Pattern: Hey, Teach! By Hélène Rush (Free pattern from
Thoughts: Easy to follow pattern. It fits pretty well, although the bottom of the sweater is bigger than I'd like. I assume that's because I'm fairly busty. My bust is ~43" while my waist is ~36". It's supposed to be a little flowy, there's not a lot of waist shaping except some decreases right before the ribbing.
Mods: A lot.
  • I knit a garter eyelet hem instead of a ribbed hem (Knit one row [WS], k2tog yo one row, knit one row).
  • I knit twisted rib at the waist because I thought it would hold its shape a little better (I don't like how the knit stitches look in regular 1X1 rib, all stretched out).
  • I knit 3/4 length sleeves, according to these instructions.
  • I knit the button band with the fronts instead of picking up stitches afterward. I should have planned the button holes a bit better, though. As you can see I didn't get one at the very top. I'm planning on going back to the store where I got the buttons and getting a smaller version of the same button to put there (I think they have smaller of the same style, hopefully).

Sweater back story here, here, here, here, and here.

One last thing, if you haven't heard about my contest you can read about it here. Don't forget comments on this post count, too!


Kat said...

Very, very cute!
I've been working very slowly on mine and I'm just about to start the ribbing. I might have to copy you and make the ribbing twisted.

Miss Amy said...

You are so silly! Your pics turned out great! The BF did a good job capturing your personality in the pics. Thanks for covering for me Thursday...U ROCK!!!


sweetp said...

Its great, well done!

mary said...

Cute sweater, cute pictures and a cute you too!

KellieBelle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! You look totally cute and I'm digging your pretty sunny day! WOO-HOO!

pdxknitterati said...


One Sheep said...

Great photographers need great models. Great models need great clothes. You got it all the way around.

Anonymous said...

Your sweater turned out great.

Tell BF he's a good photographer. Cute photos.

Ria said...

that really cam out great! Your BF takes great pics too.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Really cute sweater, and I like the twisted rib. I hope you find the smaller button, but if not a pretty pin or brooch might work nicely.

Miss Becca said...

Ooooohhhh that turned out super cute. I didnt really care for the pattern as it is in knitty, but now that I've seen it in other colors and with different mods, maybe I'll knit one myself.

Knit Witch said...

Looks great!!

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