Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

to me! I'm 22 today. It's a wholly unexciting age, but that's where I am. If you think about it, there are very few exciting birthdays after 21 (For America, I think in other countries it would end around 18 or the whatever the age of adulthood is). Think about it; You turn 10 and hit double digits, 13 you're a teenager, 16 you can drive, 17 you can see rated R movies by yourself, 18 you're a legal adult, 20 you're no longer a teenager, and finally 21 you can legally drink in the US. All interesting birthdays, but 22? Now you're just getting older.

Ah well, C'est la vie. ;-)

My plan was to finish Hey, Teach! for my birthday today. It would have happened, too, had I not rushed through the front Wednesday night. Last night I seamed up the sleeves, used a 3 needle bindoff on the shoulders, seamed up the right side, and on the left side realized... I did 2 fewer rows of ribbing at the waist than the rest of the sweater.


I seamed it the rest of the side, telling myself that it was hard to tell and it wouldn't make a difference. No way I was going to rip all of that back and reknit the top of the front! But then I tried it on. *sigh* It's shorter and you can definitely tell. It throws off the whole front, the lace isn't aligned and it's noticeably shorter.

So much for having a new sweater to wear on my birthday. =( Oh well. I may finish it tonight. I'm not too miffed at it. I did spend about 2 hours seaming last night, though.

I know I've been away for a while. Much has happened since then. Much yarn acquirement, and a lovely weekend spent with a fellow raveler in Cleveland. That, however deserves its own post and will have to wait for another day.

I will tell you that there's only 2 pictures from my weekend in Cleveland because the BF had my camera down in New Orleans. He's doing an alternative spring break and volunteering at a halfway house of sorts for people with AIDS.

I may or may not be dyeing some cashmere/silk this weekend. Fun fun and lots of pictures to come in the following week.


Emily said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope it's merry :)

Knit Witch said...

Happy birthday!!! Don't forget at 25 your car insurance rates go down - something else to look forward to!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

And at 55 you can get your AARP card! I've only got one and a half more years till I qualify. LOL

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday!!
i felt the same at 22. 30 felt normal, but 31 felt like i was finally getting older. it's all in your brain after 22 ;)

sweetp said...

Happy Birthday! n(belated..sorry)

Ria said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Here's to a year of yarnie goodness!


Candice said...

Happy (late) birthday! You have a much better attitude towards it than I have on my birthday. Last year (my 24th) I was moody all day long and I couldn't even figure out why. Hopefully this year is better.

pdxknitterati said...

Happy birthday! I hope it was a good one.

My Hey Teach also had 2 different length fronts, but it was just the lace at the top. Then it sat for 6 weeks before I seamed it. Poor thing.

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