Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why I'm glad I don't have pets

*Edit: Picture added

This morning I woke up, showered, and headed into the basement of the house I'm staying at (I'm watching someone's child while they're galavanting off in Myrtle Beach) to get clean clothing to wear.

Lo and behold, the child's cute, sweet, spoiled daschund had turned my lovely thin delicate ball of lace yarn into...


... yarn vomit.


Calling the dog some names ensued and I put the yarn back in my bag (tangles an all) along with the body of Emerald. Oh yes, I finished the body of Emerald:



Check out the dent I made in the ball of yarn.

Unfortunately the body is supposed to be 43" wide and it ended up being 47" wide. Why hadn't I measured it BEFORE I knit a foot and a half of fabric?! Now I'm thinking that the ribbing around the neck/front might not be happening because, lets face it, I'm so not reknitting the body. Sorry mom.

I took a progress picture of the Lighthouse Socks (Mom's Christmas present):


Look! Treetops!

You'll notice that I stopped mid-row. That's because I think I messed up the color placement and I was tired and frustrated to I stopped mid project.

That's about how my progress with Muir has been. I kept messing up and putting it down so I could take a breather before taclking it again.I'm liking the lace thing, except for the it-take-for-ever part. This is what Muir looked like last night after about 3.5 hours of knitting (and a 3rd cast on):


Do you notice how nice the ball of yarn looks? So pretty and harmless? Also how it's on the light color repeat, a lot of it? Now, all you can see is the darker color repeat and a tangle of thread thick yarn. BLEAGH!

I usually let the dog in when I'm there and the child is not. Not tonight. He will stay outside and bark himself hoarse (What? He has water. It's temperate out.)


Everytime I think about that yarn I get a little angry. My knitting bag has been sitting in the same spot every night since Wednesday with no problem. Just today he decided to ruin my life (Okay now I'm being dramatic). But still... part of the reason I'm so upset is because I was enjoying unraveling this ball bit by bit, following the color changes, and petting it every now and again. Now it's going to be a bit of a fight to get the yarn to knit it. Not to mention it's going to probably take another 60 rows (I knit 13 in 3.5 hours last night) to get through all that tangled mess. And I was looking forward to having minimal ends to worry about, but this tangling might force me to make a break. Ungh.

Maybe I don't want a puppy after all.

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Wendy said...

NO!! NO!!!! BAD DOG!!!! Seriously, my idiot dog loves yarn. The cats? Totally uninterested. And she will leave it alone for days, and then all of a sudden she will take a liking to a skein and totally DEVOUR it.

You SO have my sympathy!!!!

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