Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fiber Festival!

Today I went with Wendy and Amy to the Fiber Festival in Yellow Spring, Ohio. We had such a blast!

We left the Yarn Shop (fortified with coffee and tea) around 10 AM.


Wendy was very exctied. That's a pinwheel blanket she's knitting with Lorna's Laces in Apple Hill. She very happily dubs it "Knitting Crack"

We arrived at said festival and got straight to work, with Wendy and Amy immediately buying some Malabrigo, both laceweight and worsted. Wendy bought like a million skiens (Okay.. like.. 7) of a happy pink color (Strawberry fields right at the top). At this vendor I got to fondle feel Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton. It was so soft and yummy I had to have some. After some coaxing from Amy and Wendy I purchased 3 skiens.


The color is deeper in person. It's really awesome!

Yes, coaxed! It was the first time I was going to buy yarn without a specific purpose and I was nervous and indecisive. But it's lovely and I'm glad I got it. I'm fairly sure it's going to become some version of Liesel.

There were tons of yarns vendors (Which I didn't take photos of).

And some cuddly animals (which I did take pictures of):

(I bought some honey from this farm, yeah local products!)


He bleeted so pitifully during this demonstration... lol.

And (importantly [almost as important as yarny goodness]) ice cream:


Amy is eating cookie dough ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream in a waffle bowl. I had peanut butter cup with hot fudge and peanutbutter topping. Wendy had cinnamon ice cream (with apple pie stuff in a waffle bowl) which I think I actually preferred to my peanutbuttery goodness.


This is Wendy after consuming said ice cream it was time to fondle our purchases (Note: All of those bags except the one on the far left are hers).

After icecreamy goodness, we went for a second round (Read: Wendy wanted to buy 2 more skiens of that pink Malabrigo ;] ).

On the way home, Der Dutchman and overstuffed ladies.

I spent a reasonable amount of money (Read: not too much over budget) and I got 2 Christmas presents out of it:


This will be a lace scarf for my grandmother.


This is a sock kit I found for $20. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it to make for my mother for Christmas. She loves lighthouses. I was so excited I came home and colored the charts (they were scary looking in just black and white with symbols). As I was matching up the colors of yarn to the list that I had, I noticed something. I HAVE A COLOR MISSING!! I noticed when I bought the kit there was a hole in the bag and I figured that someone was just trying to feel the yarn, but no. Somehow the red yarn for the rooves of the houses escaped (Unless it's sitting in Amy's car, because I couldn't wait until I got home to open it up).

I cast on anyway (as you can see in the pic) and discovered that the yarn was sort of hard to knit. I think it's because it's so thick and it's being knitted on size 4 needles.

The yarn is Peace Fleece. I haven't made up my mind about it yet.

I also bought a bottle of hand made hand lotion. The scent is Kimono. It's girly and delicious. If anyone is interested I'll post the wed address of the woman that makes it (It's downstairs and I am no otherwise I'd just post it now).

It was a good day.

Also, I finished my Hat Attack hat! It is on its way to my target as we speak.. Bwuahahahahaha!


It's blurry because my camera only focuses when it wants to.

Also, this pattern made me want to chew rocks. Mainly just because the gauge was 6/5 sts per inch. I didn't really like it when I started knitting (the yarn or the pattern) but it grew on my and I liked the finished product. I was almost sad to see it go (almost).

Also, I thought that I'd done the first row of a color incorrectly and so I ripped back like an inch of knitting to fix it. After knitting back to where I was I realized I didn't actually mess up (This may be why I was up until 1 o'clock Wednesday night to finish it). That also made me want to chew rocks. The reason I thought that I had made a mistake was because I wasn't realizing that the first row of the contrast color shows up as the MC, becuase you're knitting those color sts. So like I was knitting brown and then I switched to green and the knits and purls for the first row show up in the brown yarn. For some reason this didn't occur to me as I wasted about an hour trying to fix it, ripping it back out, and then re-knitting it. >.>


Oh! I almost forgot, A dog herding ducks:




Wendy said...

Yay!! We had such a good time, didn't we?? And thank you for taking the only picture of me that I've LIKED in years.....the one with the yarn around my face!

Miss Amy said...

I searched the car again and I didn't see any lost yarn. Sorry.

We'll have to do another road trip sometime. That was fun. It's always nice to get together with friends and have a day to ourselves with yarn.

C-ya, Amy

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