Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Okay, so I said that I wouldn't be blogging again until I have pictures to share but last night I tried out Fair-Isle and I knit up Norwegian Star Hat in one evening. The color work was surprisingly easy and I really like it and the results! I'm only worried about the hat fitting my friend's head because the Fair-Isle isn't super stretchy (But it's not all bunched up or anything, it has some stretch just very much)

I really want to do some more color work. I liked doing this hat and the results are really nice. =)

I'm no longer afraid of Little Birds! I so want to knit it now. I just need to be able to afford the yarn...

Also, I've always been one of those people who think "I'll buy myself nice clothes once I actually lose some weight." The only problem is that I've been thinking like this for 4 years. This year I've shed about 15 pounds, but lately I've been so sedintary and with (not horrible) but poor eating habits.

I know that this sweater will take a while to complete and I will love it when it's done. I've been seriously trying to lose weight again.

So here's the question? Do I wait to knit it? Or do I knit it up risking it not fitting in a year or so? I feel like I would be a little sad about all that work going into the color work and shaping and such for it not to fit too soon.

Then again I may never get around to losing that extra 35 pounds.


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Catherine Kerth said...

I actually have thoughts on that:) i too never bought myself nice looking and nice fitting clothes b/c i wanted to "lose weight"... Well I shed 15+ pounds in the past 8 months and thats all it took for me to start knitting smaller tank tops...i am currently knitting a
36" bust sweater.... (I use to wear the 42" bust). we'll see if I can fit into it by Janurary :) Its been a great motivational tool for me, I suggest it for you! besides the yarn is cheaper, a lot less yardage ;)

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