Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have dreams about yarn. I read about Wollmeise in the Loopy Ewe blog (Sheri) and last night I dreamt about it (I've never even locked eyes on a skein of it) that I was in a yarn shop and I got a ginormous skien (Think like Red Heart Super Saver big) of it that was 70 % silk (I don't even know if Wollmeise does silk yarn) and some other percentage of something else (I don't think it ='d 100%) it was a dark color, maybe black, nad a worsted weight for like $3.79 or some ridiculousness.

I also dreamt about Debbie Bliss yarn the night before I got my SP 12 package (with 4 balls of DB in it).

Weirdness! Of course that wasn't the only thing in my dream. I was also in a trailer with my mom and brother and a slug that turned into a mutant monster slug and was chasing after another slug that was just trying to get submersed in water.. yeah, I have interesting dreams. I also remember my dad coming into the trailer and I had to forcefully tell him to leave (because there was a monster in the house and he didn't believe me at first). I was also holding a knit because I had been peeling something.. like.. potatoes (I hate peeling with a knife).

Um in non dream weirdness, this weekend was very nice. The anniversary was good, we played video games and mini golf at Magic Mountain, ate awesome pizza, and then ate awesome Mexican food later that night (I had an awesome white sangria ;-] ). Oh, we also watched Semi-Pro and it was good. Love Will Ferrel.

Sunday I spent some much needed catch up time with one of my friends and we watched 27 Dresses. I really enjoyed it. =)

I cooked up a storm the past couple of days. Sunday night we had roasted chicken, roasted corn and carrots, mushrooms cooked in a foil wrap with garlic and butter, garlic mashed potatoes, and stuffing (Stove-Top not homemade). The leftover chicken will make BBQ chicken later this week. Last night I made home made marinara (From fresh tomatoes) with penne pasta, homemade garlic cheesy bread (homemade foccacia), and we also had salad (not that exciting).

I'm making good progress on the Mini Cardi, although it's getting squished on the 24" needle.

This has gone on far too long. I'll post again when I can put in some pics. =)


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