Friday, August 22, 2008

Change of scenery

I've been itching to start on a real sweater of somesort. I have the Knitscene Fall Issue and I so want to knit the Burnished Tunic, but I need a lot of yarn for that I don't have a lot of money sooo I turned to the yummy Debbie Bliss Rialto and Mini Cardi/Shrug pattern (Which I learned is her own creation!) my SP gave me. I so far am in love with the DB merino wool. Also the color as I was knitting it I was like "Why don't I wear purple more often? This will be good with my hair/skin tone." Any how it definitely satisfied my knitting craving and it's an easy pattern, all around enjoyable to knit. (Yay, for an awesome SP! ;] ).


See the stitch markers? I love those too and have been using them often! Even the needles are from my SP. =)

Tomorrow is my 2 year anniversary with the Boyfriend! =) I have to say I love his as much now as when we started dating, if not more, and definitely deeper. He's amazing to me. He even loves (And loves on) me when I'm grumpy and hate the world.


Lover boy hugging the moon at COSI. Dollar admissions because they were voted the best Science Center (for Kids, I'd assume) by Parent's Magazine. =)

We're going to go to Magic Mountain for some mini golf, lazer tag, and video gaming fun, followed by some kind of fooding.

Tonight is the first football game of the season for my brother's school and I'm going to watch him perform at half time. He's secion leader and playing snare this year!


Men, Manly Men.

That's from the same day as COSI (Monday) Younger Brother's birthday dinner.


One with my dad. =)

I plan on taking my knitting with me to the game. I'm looking forward to working on it tonight!


Opal said...

I love the color purple! So royal. :)

Catherine Kerth said...

oooooo,Okay so I took a chance and glad you like it. PHEW!
Oh I'm catherinekerth on Ravelry... I know I'm not more creative, oh well ;) Oh and the mini cardi is under Catherine's Mini Cardi in Rav. Yup not very creative once again!

looks like a good time, even your dad looks like hes having a ball!

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