Thursday, August 28, 2008

Third day in a row!

My Therapi yarn for HA 2 came in! I got #549 (brown, supposed to be dark brown but it looks almost like mauve..) and #538 I think (it's the dark green, also not as dark as it looked online). I don't know how much I like it yet. I swatched the brown immediately and it has random fuzzes on it.

On my Mini Cardi I have 4 more rows of increases to work (That means 8 rows total). That'll be about 2 hours of knitting time because there are so many stitches now. After that I'll probable work the body a little more for some more length.

Pictures this weekend! (Maybe a FO for the cardi! ;-] )


Princess Powerless said...

Hiya... I found your blog through our mutual love of Eat, Pray, Love. Then I see that you knit! You've inspired me to finally create my own knitting blog.

Question: Where can I find the widget you have that shows your WIPS? I tried searching your blog for info on it, but couldn't find anything.

Thanks! PP

Catherine Kerth said...

going to try to get your package out BEFORE the rush for the hurricane... can't make promises ;) just wanted to let you know i'm thinking of you.
and that SWTC yarn looks AWESOME!

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