Friday, May 30, 2008


Today I had a talk with my Italian Professor and now I feel much less nervous about the trip, and more excited! I'm really looking forward to it now. This next week should go really fast because I have a lot of preparation to do, I need to figure out where I can exchange some dollars for euro, packing, spending time with the boyfriend and friends/family, and more shopping.

Speaking of shopping the ladies I work with all chipped in and gave me a card with some money in it (I don't know how much because I thought it would be rude to count it infront of them- I always wait to actually look at money in cards and read the card first) to buy myself some clothes or whatever. It was so sweet, they brought in a big tray of yummy fruit, too. I think they're been conspiring for the past couple of days! It was really nice. =)

Anyway just wanted to share those thoughts and my good mood. =) I hope all of you enjoy your weekend!!

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