Thursday, May 29, 2008

Less school, more knitting

So it's coming to the end of the quarter and I'm so glad! I've had more time to relax, although I supposed I should spend a bit of it studying.. oh well.

I'm leaving for Italy in 1 week and 1 day. That's 8 days. In 8 days I'll be on a plane to Italy. Exciting and scary all at once! I'm nervous because I'm going by myself but also excited to try and navigate on my rudimentary Italian, although after I get to Sanremo I'll be with a bunch of other English speakers, other tutors.

I don't know if I've explained what I'm going to be doing or not so I will briefly now. I'm going to be teaching English is summer camps. There are day camps and over night camps, if I go to the day camps I might be staying with an Italian family which would be amazing, otherwise they'll put me up in a flat. =)

Soooo I've been knitting. I spent a good chunk of Friday knight with the Knitted Espadrilles (Rav link here), but I didn't get any jute twine for the trim, so I was going to crochet a trim for it. So I taught myself how to crochet, and.. well.. I don't really like it. I much prefer knitting to it, so I may end up going back to the store and looking harder for the twine (I couldn't find it) and a bigger crochet needle, the one I have is just for rescuing stitches so it's not very big. Anywho, this is what I have accomplished:

In other knitting news, I started the Ribbed Lace Bolero (Rav link here).

I'm using Bernat Cotton, I love the color and it's sooo soft. I'm thinking it will be a good accessory, as long as it's not too warm for summer. I had originally bought it for Tempting, but after a swatch I decided it would be far too warm for summer, so I thought that a nice lacy little Bolero would be the answer. =)

I should not that this is not only my first garment, but also my first lacey knit. =) It's going really well and I'm pretty proud of myself so far. It looks like it will be really easy to seam up, it's basically going to be a big rectangle with ribbing on the top and bottom that will be mattress stitched (I think).

Oh, I printed my plane tickets the other day. They look like something someone typed up in Word, but it's what they told me to print. I also print off the e-mail they sent me with the confirmation number. Ahhh how soon is too soon to start packing? I still need to buy things, toiletries, I'd like a summer dress and skirt.. I'll be visiting some secondhand stores, sunblock, definitely new shoes. This also requires money, and I'm tapping my savings to pay for everything as well as my orientation fee and extra euro for travel and such.

I think I'm all blogged out for now.


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