Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi all sorry for the missed post last week! As you can imagine, things are kind of hectic getting ready to move, and aside from that on Sunday blogging didn't even cross my mind. I spent most of the day working on this:


What is this you say? Why the front of a throw pillow, of course! I decided to make a few throw pillows for my apartment, because it's something that I thought would be fun and easy and actually useful in Arizona since it doesn't involve garments. Actually, I see a lot of home-knits in my future.


It's based on this pattern, but I've obviously made a lot of changes. The big one in the middle is basically following the pattern but the rest is not. I did few rounds of the circle and made the corners a bit smaller. Putting it together was a night mare. It took at least 4 tries. Some parts were too scrunched up, others were stretched, there wasn't room for the last piece, there was too much room for the right piece. Finally I found the correct temperature porridge, though.


This is the first of 3 different pillows I intend to make, all based on one color theme that I intend to explain a little more when I have a bit more time. I actually have to get ready for work in a bit. This is also evidence that I caught more of the crochet bug. I'm more enamored with it that I thought I could be. It's just as easy if not more so than knitting. It lends itself to change more easily, and it's so much quicker.


Last post someone asked where I was moving to in AZ. I'll be moving to Tempe. It's the half way point between Phoenix and Chandler, where the call center will be located. We found a (hopefully) great apartment that I'm really excited about. The only way it will be bad is if the apartment is in some way dilapidated.

More more more! When? I don't know. Maybe when we're in Arizona. Most likely on the 24th, the day before we move and the BF has to work but I don't. We'll see.



KellieBelle said...

Love those colors!!

Emily said...

Oh I LOVE it!

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