Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not a Stitch!

I haven't knit ANYTHING this week. I know, crazyness, right? I talked before a little bit about my phases, and this week it's not been knitting. I did, however, tuck 2 and a half novels under my belt as well as a skein and a half of yarn.

A few weeks ago I signed up for Cosy's Falkland Fiber Club. I've never been in any kind of club before because they're usually to expensive. However this club only lasts for 3 months and so it was at a reasonable price. Plus the faulkland isn't treated with chemicals and it is dyed with organic dyes, who wouldn't love that? Anyway, I got the first shipment in the mail on Monday. It's a riot of color, if you think about it, chocolate brown, acid green, deep purple, with some dots of red, lighter yellowy green, black, and some of the white still peeking through. I was enamoured with it an I wanted to spin it right away! However I still had some fiber on my wheel from the last time I spun, so that needed to get out of the way first!



This is the fiber that I won at Sticks 'n' Stitches back in January. It is a merino/tencel blend from a local dyer whom you can find on Etsy as the Yarn Chef. The colorway is "Mauve Maven" and it's really lovely. I'm not usually a huge fan of the softer colors, but I love this. It also has a really great sheen and I can tell that the final project will have amazing drape. This yarn is, on average a chunky weight, but it's thick/thin so it varies.

After that I divided the falkland in half and fluffed it up before spinning. I finished the first half this morning, and prepped the second half. I usually half the entire length of roving long ways so that all of the colors are in both sets of singles, however, I didn't really want the colors to match up in any way for this yarn so I tore it in half length wise.

The 2nd half of the fiber, prepped for spinning.

The 1st half of the fiber on the bobbin.

My goal for this yarn was to come up with a lighter weight yarn that was more even than thick/thin. I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it. It's a little thick/thin, but mostly even. The falkland is lovely to work with. It's soft and it drafts quite easily. I can't wait to have the finished product! I'll either finish it on my day off tomorrow or on Thursday, hopefully.

Happy Weekend!


cosymakes said...

yay! can't wait to see it spun up!

knottygnome said...

love how soft and shiny the first yarn looks.

i like falkland--it's so easy to spin.

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