Thursday, February 11, 2010


I love Etsy. It is an awesome website and I love finding what I need on it. If I'm going to spend my money on something I would much rather spend a little more on something hand made from a single person than something a little cheaper that comes from a factory. Case and point, the wooden buttons I purchased for my Shalom sweater. They are gorgeous.


Spalted Maple. Hand cut and sanded, finished with tung oil. (Only 2 out of the 7 because the other 5 are on my sweater!)


Spalted wood again, hand cut, sanded and finished with tung oil.

They feel so smooth and lovely and I LOVE how they look like little packages. They are light weight and perfect for knitted items as they won't weigh them down. Not only do I love them, but they came with a lovely personal thank you note from the maker. I bought them from A Remark You Made and I would definitely recommend her shop.

Another Etsy purchase I made was to buy a blue sock yarn for my Aeolian Shawl. I mentioned this earlier as my Knitting Olympic project. It starts tomorrow! I knew I wanted something with a silk content, but I wasn't sure what brand of yarn I wanted. When I read about Squoosh FiberArts over on The Knitty Vritti I decided to check it out and I found a delicious merino silk sock blend in "Depth". In the picture on the shop it looked almost teal, but when it arrived it wasn't teal at all.


However I love this color even more than the color in the photo. I immediately balled it up so it's all ready to cast on tomorrow! It will be a race against the clock to finish the shawl in time. ;-)


My last Etsy treasure is from the Yarn Chef. This actually isn't a purchase, I won it in the raffle at Sticks and Stitches that I went to back in January. I got to choose between some of her yarn and her fiber and I chose this lovely merino/tencel blend in "Mauve Maven".


She's actually a local dyer and works out of Columbus, OH which I love. Just look at the shiny! (Also I just polished up my wheel so it's looking pretty spiffy as well. ;-])

And there's just one last thing I wanted to share...



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