Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tone it down

Since there have been so many pictures on my blog lately I thought maybe I would give you all an update on how I've been doing in a more non-knitterly sense.

I graduated, as you may or may not know, on the 31st of August. After graduation I was inbetween jobs for about a month before I started at Safelite Solutions. Safelite takes glass claims for a whole slew of insurance companies so I spend my evenings 3pm-8pm MTW, FSat on the phones filing claims for people with glass damage. It's really not a bad job, the people there are generally great and the pay is decent although it could be better (Couldn't it always?).

I'm also working 10AM-2PM at the Downtown Endoscopy Center for my mom. They needed help in the office and so since I had helped out with the patients before and I was on the payroll. I mostly scan patient charts into the computer.

Neither jobs are incredibly stimulating (especially the scanning), but I can't complain about either of them, because at least I have a job. I also really like pretty much everyone that I work with.

At night I come home and watch my shows and knit or spin, lately mostly knitting Christmas presents. I finished one and am over halfway finished with 2 others. (Hehe, don't tell me you didn't know Christmas was coming! Jealous? =P)

I spend time with my friends and my boyfriend.

All in all it's not a bad life, and yet I am unsatisfied. I live with my mom and have two jobs that don't have anything to do with any college degree, let alone the one I spent 4 years earning. At the same time I don't have a lot of drive for any particular profession. Just perhaps one that I enjoy and that earns me a decent paycheck at the end of the week.

I've also probably gained about 8-10 lbs since I've graduated. Most of that was becoming sedentary but a good amount of it is that I stopped watching what I ate and paying attention to when I was eating for boredom and when I was eating for hunger.

I joined a gym and try to go a few times a week, and I do, but not as much as I should and I don't exercise as hard as I should.

I'm inbetween.

Hopefully something shifts for the better soon.

In more knitterly news, I do have some actual FO pictures to show you. I've also sewn buttons on the Vine Yoke Cardigan and it's ready for a more specific FO photo.

With Love,

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