Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fresh Start

So, here I am. It's the first day of me being completely moved out of my apartment that I lived in for 2 years. My BF says he won't miss it, but I will. I liked our little apartment. I liked being on my own, most of the time. Well I wasn't completely alone, was I? The BF was there.

Moving out sucked. We packed most of the apartment in one night. We also had to do the dished that night. I went a little nuts while it was happening. Last week I was here at my mom's 2 days in a row, painting the room we're in now. It looks really nice. Two of the walls are an off white, and the other two are a lovely shade of green, like sage without the gray. Saturday my mom and brother helped us move the majority of stuff out of the apartment. It's amazing how much stuff one can accumulate. Monday and Tuesday were spent packing the rest of the stuff and cleaning. Oh, and painting some more.

Lesson: Never paint an apartment. Even if you're going to live there for 2 years.

Sunday, you ask? I graduated. Yep. College graduate here, writing this. Writing a blog. I don't have any career type jobs line up right now. I start another part time job curtosy of one of my good friends on Monday. For now I get to enjoy being done for a while. I opted to go to graduation for a couple of reasons, because it would be a small graduation ceremony comparatively speaking (there were 8000 at Spring graduation) so it didn't take as long, I didn't turn in the form 2 weeks ahead of time saying I wanted my diploma mailed to me, and because, well, why not? It was a memory making moment. I enjoyed it for the most part. The ceremony was 2.5 hours long, just as they said it would be. So, finally, 2 hours into the ceremony it's time for me to walk across the stage (they don't call your name you just get to walk). I approach the place where they're handing out diplomas. Tell them my name. And...

It's not there.



Long story short they had marked it to be mailed (remember how I said I didn't turn that paper in?) and it was in a different building. So after graduation (where I didn't get the thing I went for) I drove to another building and tried to be nice to the very nice people who did give me my diploma.

Today was supposed to be my "do nothing" day. I was going to relax, watch a movie, knit, swim in the pool, and generally be lazy. I did all of those things, however I also spent 2-3 hours driving around town. Why, you ask? My step brother rolled his car. He was going too fast on a back road and hit the loose gravel on the side trying to avoid the oncoming cars, over corrected, and rolled twice. He's fine, and I'm pretty sure the car is still drivable. I had to go out to pick him up with my step father and then we drove to the insurance agent and then to 2 rental places, neither of which had cars. I am very glad that he didn't get hurt.

So all in all you can see I've had a pretty busy week or two. I'm glad that it's over. My new life is starting. It should be interesting. And though I've been busy, I have not been too busy to knit...




FOs coming up soon...


Miss Amy said...

Congrats! Great pics! Can't wait to see more!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Congratulations on your graduation, and my, you've had an eventful week!

I graduated summer term, too. A nice calm small ceremony. But all diplomas were mailed; we just got the cases at the ceremony.

Ria said...

congratulations!! I love those cables! We painted, but we lived there for 8 years, so some rooms got done twice. But when we left it was paint sprayer primer, the next day white paint - good as new. Only missed a couple of nail holes..

Candice said...

Congrats on graduating!!

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