Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ishbel Revisited

As I noted in my previous post, I finished my second Ishbel with time to spare. It's a really graet pattern, and when you're not doing the shawl version it doesn't take much time to knit at all.

Unlike my first Ishbel, this one ended up a fairly large size. I used Colinette Jitterbug, which I wasn't completely sure about once I started. The color is absolutely gorgeous, I really love it. However, the yarn is super springy and very dense at 320 yds in 100 g (Normal sock yarn has 400+ yards in 100 g). Using a springy yarn like that, the lace doesn't open as fully as with other yarns. To correct this I ended up blocking the scarf within an inch of its life, using all 64 of my rust proof t-pins. It ended up being a shawlette size, when I was done and so far it's stayed about that size.


It's only outing was to see Ysolda, its designer. It's going to have to be put away for the summer, though. It's way too warm for it. I was thinking about taking it on the cruise with me (Squee!! I leave on Saturday!!) but I'm not sure that I have anything to wear it with.

In the past week I've completed 2 more projects. Just small ones, the sooper seekrit one that I can't reveal right now and also the Under the Tree Mitts (Ravlink) by fellow Raveller and CPaAGer Erqsome, but those are for another post (FYI I'm in love with them).

Ishbel Revisited:

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, "Salty Dog"
Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teagues
Mods: None, actually
Thoughts: I love this pattern, the lace is really adorable and it's a fast knit. I'd recommend it to anyone. I've heard a few say that the lace isn't easy, but I disagree. The decreases all line up so it's easy to see if you've made a mistake and you're following 8 row charts, with 4 of them being return rows (all purl). It's quick and easy. I love it!

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pdxknitterati said...

It's beautiful! I'm on my second, and I still can't memorize the lace pattern. No big deal, though; I just memorize the repeat at the beginning of each row.

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