Wednesday, January 14, 2009


There's something so beautiful about fresh snow. It's clean and white, and in my current case, fluffy. I covers everything indiscriminately, blanketing the city with its encompassing whiteness. I especially love how snow-covered trees look. In their stark and barren state they are once again made something beautiful by the white fluff that rests on their branches, the dark underside drawing a stark contrast. If a tree or bush does happen to have leaves they get much the same effect, although with slightly more mountainous mounds of snow because of their cup-like structure.

Did you ever notice how snow creates a quiet, even in the city? I was walking home and enjoying the fat white snowflakes piling up on the houses and trees and even cars, and doing so in a quiet enjoyment (except for those blasted snow-blowers!). The sounds of the city are muffled. The car engines and sounds of traffic are distant and you can even imagine that you're in a different place. A snow muffled walk home is beautiful, if slightly eerie.

Hoping you stay cozy,

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Candice said...

I was just out and about town today and its been dumping snow on us since 10am and I noticed how everything was quieter, too :) It was nice.

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