Monday, December 22, 2008


It looks like Christmas threw up in my living room.

I finally got a button for the Calorimetry that I made, but I forgot to take a picture of it. it's a little puppy with a blue kerchief. He's cute.

I wrapped 2 more hats and the lace ladders scarf. Sorry I don't feel like linking everything...

I finished the 2nd cuff of my mom's sock. I have another 10,000 ends to weave in before I can sew it up and join it and knit the foot.

I was feeling pretty good about my Christmas knitting, but I just added 2 more things, a cowl and another hat for the BF's parents. They may be getting IOUs. >.>

I'm crazy.

I'm probably not going to make the oragami christmas ornaments. Did I tell you guys about that tutorial I found?

The fuzzy feet are felted, and I purchased the puffy paint for the bottoms. They turned out really well! I'm pretty pleased.

I also got some money from my Grandmother at our Christmas gift exchange (at which she received her Branching Out scarf, more on that later), so today I did a little yarn shopping (although I should have been doing a little Christmas knitting!)

I purchased Victorian Lace Today (which I now see I could have gotten for $10 cheaper at Amazon, but that's okay, I was supporting a LYS...).

And some yummy Silky Flamme in rust, along with Peruvia Quick for the BF's mom's cowl (Did I mention I'm crazy?).

Bah, I'm don't know if I'll be posting again before Christmas.

If not, Happy Holidays, I hope you enjoy yours!

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Emily said...

Merry Christmas lady! Hope you got it all done!

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