Friday, August 1, 2008

Okay, seriously...

I want like all of the patterns in Twist Collective. Top two (In order!):

1) Little Birds

2) Come Together

With Faux Bois, and Jaali coming in a close third...

Anyhow, I got a "Sorry We Missed You" note from the post man, saying they'd been there at 10 AM (My boyfriend was here and sitting in the living room next to the door). I was a little confused/frustrated but the problem was easily righted as the post office is near my apartment. (Plus I was excited because the postal tracking system told me that the package my SP send me was in my city that morning!)

So a few moments later I arrive at the (seemingly empty) post office. I look at the windows where usually some kind of postal worker is to help you with whatever postal needs you may have and there's no one. I go out and check the hours of the place to make sure it's not closed early.

I say "Seriously, there's no one here?!" and the lady filling out mailing whatnots says "No, they're here, they're back there somewhere."

So I go and look and there's a bell.

I ring it.

The lady comes out and I give her my slip. As I'm fishing out my ID she says "Ma'am, this package isn't going to be here until tomorrow morning." I stop fishing and I look up at her through the bullet proof glass. I blink.

"It's not coming until August 2nd at 10 AM."

"Oh" I say, "Thanks."

I look at it.

Sure enough that's what it says. I even looked at the date before I'd left. Somehow the "Sorry we missed you" part of the not the date.

Oh well. One more day! =)


Anonymous said...

i loved "come together" so much i just purchased it! wooo hooo!
have you been accused before of enabling ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, love your SP

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