Friday, August 8, 2008


This morning I went to the post office before work and I mailed the mini package for my SP! I'm exctied for her to get it! =) Hopefully it's not smooshed or anything when she gets it.. it has to go all the way from Ohio to Washington!!

Today is the start of the Ravelympics (also the real Olympics..)! I get to cast on my first pair of socks! I'm pretty excited. I finished swatching on Wednesday night, and I blocked it properly and everything!

Unfortunately I didn't work at all on the Boyfriend's Afghan, even though he's been gone all week. I didn't want to force myself to knit it (It's a gift of love!), and I just didn't feel like knitting it. But it was the most opportune time I'll have to knit it until Christmas, seeing as we live together and he was gone all week.

I went to the park and knit on Wednesday night and I have pictures to post soonish...

Anyhow, I'm at work so I should make this short (Yesterday my alarm didn't go off and I was an hour and 20 minutes late!!).


P.S. My blog tracking thing on Blogger is acting up. Bleh!

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Anonymous said...

socks are my favorite knits! you're going to LOVE them!

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