Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FO and SP 12 pics!

So I finally got inspired to do things today (You know, clean, do dishes, post pictures) so here's the awesome package my SP sent me:


The yarn is Debbie Bliss (Oddly enough I had a dream about Debbie Bliss yarn the night before I got the package.. only it was blue in my dream. Weird!) it's the softest yarn I've had the pleasure of knitting with, although I haven't decided exactly what to do with it yet. I love the color but I'm not sure that it'll be a good sweater color for me, so I'd really like to make a matching hat/scarf combo with it, but I haven't found the right pattern yet.

Okay, there's also of course a pattern. I'm no so sure about the top clasp as I'm rather chesty ;-), but it's really cute. =) She also sent me a size 7 24" circular needle to go with the pattern/yarn which is awesome. I love bamboo. =)

The tea is great (I already had the white raspberry tea, yum!). The mint chocolate soap looks and smells like an Andes mint. Then of course there's the adorable note cards and the no rinse soap, which will be awesome to use!

Last but not least, the stitch markers. They get a close up photo. =)

Yay! Thanks SP! =)

Now, I have 2 FOs, but one is for *my* SP so I don't know that I should post a photo or not.. it's soooo cute, though!

I also finished reknitting Jordan's Hat.

I think it turned out pretty cute! Green is one of his favorite colors, so I'm sure he'll love it. Not that he can use it in the middle of August, but he will come fall!

This weekend I went to the Dublin Irish Festival. There was authentic food (Like BD's Irish Stiry Fry.. *kidding*), and awesome baked goods like short bread and Irish soda bread. There were tons of hand made goodies, jewelry, pottery, and one booth even had hand knits! I was hoping I might see a little yarn, but no such luck. Oh well.

Oh, I also saw bagpipe marching bands! Those were pretty sweet! About 12-15 bag pipes, a couple of snares, and a base drum to them. It was cool.

Hmm.. this weekend I also made apple butter and peach butter with the mother, they turned out really well. Also, the boyfriend left me to go to camp for a week so I am home alone and lonely. =( Oddly enough I don't feel like filling my time with knitting (Even though this is an opportune time to work on his Christmas afghan!) Bleh.

Oh well, tonight I'm going to dinner at Smokey Bones, a good BBQ place for my step sister's Birthday. I have to run out and grab a card for her before dinner.

Also, there are a million amazing things on Etsy.com and I want to buy them all. Curse whomever interested me in looking around on Etsy! (Also, at least I enable you to buy awesome things, SP! ;-] )


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Anonymous said...

damn! i should have looked for a deep green color! sorry ;)

Glad you like the first package... i've been working on the second one... this has been so much fun for me!

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