Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knitting =)

I'm back to knitting, and it's great! I'm almost done with my blue tam (Which I did call a beret, I think, but the pattern says it's a tam.) I would have finished it last night but I didn't have any dpns with me and it got a little tight on the circular needle. It's hanging out on a piece of scrap yarn because I wanted to start another project right away! I started another hat, black and avacado green with more yarn from the abandoned afghan. It will be a present of some sort for a friend of mine who's in love with green. It may be for his birthday, but his birthday is in August and I'm knitting a tobaggon with wool blend yarn. Not really a summer hat.

I checked out Last Minute Gifts (I think that's the title... something similar, I think). I'm basing the hat pattern off of the ones in it. I c/o with the black and switched immediately to green for the first round, the last round of the 2X2 border will also be black. I'm thinking maybe I'll put a black stripe in the middle and then that the very top will also be black, I'm debating on adding a white round on both sides of the stripe and before the black top. Hmmm.

There's also an adorable mohair scarf that I really want to knit as soon as I can get the yarn for it. It'll be my mom's birthday gift, which is in September, so I'll probably try and get a really rich color for it, like brown or maybe a nice red-orange/rusty color. It's really delicate and pretty and I'll probably end up making one for me too.

Also from the Library, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1. So, tonight, knitting and Buffy and I are going to have a date (the boyfriend will be out of the apartment).

I used stitch markers for the first time, making this tam. It was also the first time I've knit in the round so it was a bit of a learning experience. And I decided that the cheapie stitch markers that I bought are funtional, but that's about it. The faded looking red and blue plastic aren't very asthetically pleasing, so I think that new stitch markers are in my future (Maybe not my near future, a little short on extra money, lately).

Oh, and as far as my UTI goes, I got antibiotics and it's not really bothering me anymore. However, I seem to have contracted some kind of cold and my nose is leaking.

Is it bad to knit gifts while one is sick?

Hope not. ;)

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