Monday, May 19, 2008

The good, the bad, and the not so good.

I had a really good weekend. Saturday morning I went to a community yard sale in the 'German Village' part of Columbus. I purchased a 1969 newspaper with the headline about Niel Armstrong walking on the moon, and a bag of glass beads for $2. Later that day I went to Hempfest on the south oval on OSU campus. It was.. interesting. There were 'tobacco' pipes everywhere, some of the other goods were neat, though and I bought a $5 locally made bar of soap. They grow all the herbs and such that go into their bars and buy everything else locally. I got chocolate mint and it smells amazing. =) They're currently offering free shipping in the US. the website is

In lieu of my purchase I knew that a shower poof would not work well with a bar of soap, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make myself a wash cloth and I promptly went and bought myself some cotton yard and size 7 needles (my other ones broke.. x.x). Unfortunately I bought metal needles and the cotton kept slipping off, making knitting frustrating. But, the wash cloth turned out well. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly, I only CO 34 sts, and I went through lines 5-12 3 times before finishing with the 4 rows of seed stitch. It turned out more rectangular than I’d wanted, but it’s soft and it’s pretty cute. Pattern here.

I took other pictures of the washcloth by itself, but they didn't turn out very well at all.

The Bad:
I've been exercising 4-5 days a week and trying to eat healthier in order to lose weight, it was going well for a while and I was keeping track of my measurements as well as my weight to monitor my progress. I measured myself today (two weeks since my last measurement) and I haven't changed at all. It's throughly upsetting, instead of being more motivated, I am less motivated.. if I'm trying and not getting anywhere why try?! Hopefully I will get over it and get back on track tomorrow, as (as you'll see in a moment) I'm going to Italy and I want to look good.

Anyhow I feel like I'm never going to break the 190 barrier. I've been in the 190s since I can remember and I feel like once I break that It will be a big accomplishment. I guess I'll just have to strengthen my will power and kick everything up a notch to get ahead. *sigh*

The not so good:
I'm pretty sure I got the job in Italy. I got an e-mail today saying that there are no open spots in the June 17th training week, so only the 2nd and the 9th are open. Good because I got the job, yes? But not good, because I will be unable to go on vacation with my family the week of the 7th to the 14th. It's something I've been looking forward to since our last vacation to NC last year. And also I was unable to go on vacation with my father because my Italian teacher would not move my final.

So, no vacation for me. Which is okay considering I'm going to Italy. But I also don't get to spend any quality time with either of my parents (They are both divorced and remarried).

So I don't even feel excited that I got the job (partly because of the dragged out application process, mostly because I have to go to training early).

This is also upsetting because my boyfriend was planning on going with us on vacation. He is still welcome to go on vacation with my family, but it will be awkward and it is just less time that we get to spend with eachother. We were both looking forward to spending time on the beach and lazy afternoon naps with the ocean breeze coming through the window, and I am extremely sad that I'm taking this away from him. Not only that, but he's applied to summer camps as well and not been hired. He had 2 phone interviews with a camp and they hired someone with 'more experience', even though he's been a councilor and a camper (granted for only a week) at the same camp for a number of years (Probably somewhere between 6 and 8). I feel bad leaving him to a summer of work and (possibly) no vacation (tearing up as I'm writing this). Not to mention he's been trying to find a new job since December, since his current one is crappy and it's for the school so it's not open on breaks-not so great for paying rent, and he keeps getting turned down, usually for no good reason, even when he's very qualified.

I hope I don't sound shallow about the whole thing, after all it's just a vacation and this job in Italy is an amazing opportunity.

Well that's enough for now, this post is much longer than I had planned.


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