Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy busy!

I have so much stuff to do this month! 2 final papers, an oral presentation, finishing my application for A.C.L.E., and studying the English grammar rules if I am hired! Whew! Hopefully I can fit in some knitting somewhere.

Oh and also I have to fit in exercise. I am trying (fairly successfully) to lose weight. I'd especially like to lose another 5-10 pounds before I go to Italy. So far I've managed to lose almost 10 pounds! I'm very proud of myself and I'm the lowest weight I've been in a long time. =)

In knitting news I've put a hold on my swatch scarf to work on a pillow I plan on giving my mom for Mother's Day. I'd like to knit my dad a pair of socks for Father's day but I've never knit socks before and as I've described above I won't have an exceeding amount of free time to do that.

Anyway I'm using 10.5 size needles and Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Barley. I'm working it in thin and then thick garter stripes with st st for the inbetween, it's turning out really nice.

Anyhow, I think that's it for now. More info/pattern for the pillow later!


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