Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've been spinning my BFL all week, and really enjoying it. I told you I was trying to spin thin and I'm achieving that goal. It's nice to get back into crafting. Maybe it's the time of year? It's getting down into the 70s at night, so it's not quite as hot all the time (it's still been in the 100s all week during the day). My original plan for the fiber was to navajo ply it, but then I decided that the yarn would be too heavy if I did that, so I amended my plan while spinning the first half.

Since my original plan was navajo plying, I wanted long color repeats so I broke up the fiber by color blocks.

Think a block of blue, a block of gold, and a block of the inbetween colors. I then divided that in half and the halves by thirds. It worked pretty well. Most of the reason that I decided not to do a navajo ply was because I didn't want long sections of the inbetween colors. So, with the second half, I'm dividing the fiber like I normally do, into strips (in half, and then the halves into thirds [usually I just divide it in halves twice but in an effort to spin a thinner single I divided the halves into thirds-it's working!]). So the theory is that one ply will have long color repeats and the other will have shorter ones, so hopefully each of the colors on the 2nd ply will show up during 1 color repeat of the first. Who knows if that's actually how it will work.

I've also been knitting. I've got 2 inches of the ribbing done on the Whisper cardigan [Ravlink]. I really love the construction. I've been thinking up a shrug to make with the Madeline Tosh Light that I bought a while ago, and I may use a similar method. I want to do some crochet lace on the back in a panel (I've seen a lot of cardigans with a lace panel on the back and I really like them) so if I did some kind of decrease while knitting across the back I might be able to crochet the lace straight onto it instead of seaming it together. I'm not sure. It will be interesting since crochet isn't my main craft.

Anyhow, Happy Sunday! I hope you've enjoyed yours as much as I've enjoyed mine. =)


Candice said...

I believe what you are doing is considered Fractal spinning (where you leave one ply in the long color blocks while the other ply is divided so that it puts basically all the colors against each long color block). I did this when I spun the yarn for my morning surf scarf/shawl. I really liked the effect.

Miss Amy said...

I'd like to see a pic of your wheel. What kind do you have? If you have posted on this before, I'm sorry. I feel a little out of the loop. Hope all is well and your spinning is spectacular. Miss ya!!!

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