Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Car Smell

Hi guys. =)

I've had a crazy couple of weeks, between school and extracurricular things that I've been up to I haven't had a lot of will to sit down and write a blog entry.

Sunday night my car stopped working. I went to start it and it only made a clicking noise. So, instead of having it go to the shop (again) we're going to scrap it and I'm getting another car. I've been car shopping the past couple of days. It's been an interesting experience.

There's been a little knitting, but, honestly, I haven't really been in the mood. I'm in another funk. I'm hoping it will lift soon, or at least after I graduate (August 30th). I'm almost finished with the Leyburn socks. Another good hour or two and they'll be all done. =)

Oh, and I finally caved and bought a Sims game. I bought Sims 2 for $10 including shipping from Amazon (used). I actually wanted Sims 3 but I wasn't going to pay $50 for it, and I figured Sims 2 would be cheap because Sims 3 came out a couple of months ago. =)


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the problem with your car isn't just a dead battery? They click when they are dead.

Or is your car just a hopeless case? We had one of those once.

Good luck with the socks. It's been really hot here and hard to work up enthusiasm for wool.

Emily said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your car! New ones are fun, though :) Hope that funk goes away soon

Candice said...

In my experience, turning the car on and only getting a clicking noise is your alternator. I've had mine go out on a few cars. It just happens. But I totally get being fed up with car repairs. That's how I ended up with my Cobalt. Had to do something because my Cadillac was costing me more than a car payment each month in repairs for random crap.

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