Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay, ya'll I'm thisclose to frogging all of my projects and restarting. thisclose

Seriously. It's like.. I don't even know! I coveted Decimal from the first time I saw it, so when I got the extra money I bought enough Shine Sport to make Decimal. Then I started it and while I like it, I don't know if I still want it. It's a lovely turquoise, but will the design flatter me?

I glanced through the Ravelry project gallery and someone else used it to make the Parker Cardigan (Ravlink), which I really like so I may end up doing that instead. Who knows? I think it may be a more flattering design. But I'm beginning to wonder if I really want a turquoise sweater?? Maybe I'll cast it on, knit 3/4s of it and then decide to rip it out.

Or maybe I'll make it into a giant wrap??

I've knit the better part of a skein's worth of Sugar Rush (Grey that really looks silver) into a Lace Ribbon scarf, and I really like it. However I don't know if maybe it's too thin ( I cast on 3 repeats instead of 5 because I have less yarn)? The Sugar Cane based yarn has a lot of drape, like bamboo, and doesn't promise to hold its shape. It may be too thin for my tastes. Rrrrip? Maybe.

The Mother of Pearl Scarf (Ravlink) by Grumperina that I want to cast on as soon as I saw it, I ran out to buy the yarn for (Panda Silk DK), knit about 10" and haven't touched it since. Is it going to be long enough? I didn't buy the right amount of yarn, but I eliminated one of the middle sections, but I'm using a smaller needle. Who knows? Maybe it would make a divine Lace Ribbon scarf and I could put the Sugar Rush to a different use. Rrrrip?? Maybe!

The Man Socks (ravlink only) that I made I'm quite sure I made the ankle too long. My plan was, previously, to just rip out from the cast on edge and steal a bit of yarn from there and redo the blue ribbing. But I'm not overly fond of the heel. I haven't worked on it in weeks, so I feel no connection to it or the work that I have previously invested in it. Rrrrrrrip?! Maybe!!

You'll note this behavoir started back with the Windowpane Coat (HA, looking back I see that I had another idea for it as well!). Turned Owls (Ravlink) sleeve (Ravlink). I am also considering Rrrrrripping this out! Do I want it to be Owley? I want a cardigan and the gauge is different so I have to make changes.

I also have enough Malabrigo for a sweater and I want to make Vihervaara -huppari / GreenGable -hoodie
(Ravlink only) from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008. It requires a bunch of math too! But I
want it!

What is my problem??

(Also it seems for reasons beyond my control I can't get the bulk of the post to show up normal sized? rrrr )


Miss Becca said...

Well first of all... holy crap you have alot of wip's. Maybe if you put all but one down and get that one knocked out, the others will be a little easier to decide on? I dont really know- I have knitters OCD and cant start a second wip until my first one is done. Good luck!!!

Candice said...

I'm right there with you! I cast on with THREE patterns with some alpaca lace yarn that I've had in my stash with no luck, and at this point I'm getting rid of the yarn because it's frustrating me so much (not to mention that I can't find any patterns I like to use it with)

Also, I'm working on a sock that I'm really not thrilled with and am tempted to rip out and start with something else. And I really want to start another cardigan or sweater, and I have two colors of yarn to use... and I can't decide on a pattern! :(

sweetp said...

I suffer from this quite often. So big hugs. I'm sure you'll work it out somehow

Anonymous said...

That drives me CRAZY about Blogger --- the size thing just doesn't WORK right sometimes.

As for the projects --- I'm the queen of frog --- make what you KNOW you'll like and wear. But, that's just me. LOL

Good luck with the decisions.

Emily said...

I'm in the same spot as you. Have started a number of projects, none of which seem to be working out right or that I really feel like finishing... Very frustrating!

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