Thursday, March 12, 2009


Success! I finished the Chur Relic Purse.

I gave the presentation.

I impressed muggles.

Alas, I have no pictures.

The teacher is giving a speech thingie to his colleagues about doing projects/historical reenactments in class and I told him that he could use my bag as an example. Woo! Unfortunately it means I won't have any FO pics until next Thursay (3/19) Sorry. =(

In other news, my spindle class is on Saturday! I'm so excited! I even ordered more fiber. It's falkland dyed by Poppy Flower Fibers

Photo from her Etsy shop. It's much more purple in person. I love it! I'm excited to be able to spin it!

I'M FINALLY DONE KNITTING THAT PURSE. That means I can knit other things.

Sort of.

Once I finish my two 8-10 page papers. I'm going to try and finish one tonight. It's due tomorrow and I have like over half of it done. The other one is due Monday.

New lust:

This is Decimal from the new Knitty. I want to knit it. Now. But I shall not. I'm going to finish some things first, and maybe wait until after I get some Birthday monies (My Birthday is the 27th. =]).

I'm also contemplating new lace, as I purchased 700 yds of 85% silk/15% cashmere laceweight. It was $20, including shipping! It's from Jag's Funky Fibers. Jag recycles sweaters and sells the resulting yarn. It's a lot lighter than I'd prefer so I'm going to dye it over spring break, probably with some grape kool-aid to make a nice semi-solid. It will be gorgeous. I'm excited.

I have a few prospects for this. Aeolian shawlette from the new Knitty is one of them. It's PRETTY!

Although I also have Victorian Lace Today to ponder. I spent some quality time with it between classes today.


All of this must wait until I finish my papers, though.



Ria said...

I love that sweater too! Glad your teacher liked the bag.

KellieBelle said...

I want that sweater too, LOVE the sleeves!!
I'm jealous of your spinning class, be sure to pay super good attention and then blog about it! =)

Emily said...

Loove the lace. Loooove it. Congrats on the purse!!

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