Monday, February 16, 2009


I had a fairly good weekend. =)

Dinner on Friday was very nice. Our reservation was for 4:45, because there weren't any between 5 and 9. The restaurant has a happy hour between 4 and 6 so we decided to go early and have a few drinks at the bar before our dinner reservation.

So we get there at 4, expecting to see a lot of people because the reservations were booked. I think there were 4 other customers in the entire place. Yikes! I guess we could have skipped the reservation part! As it neared 5 o'clock, the place did fill up.

So, we sat down and ordered drinks (I had a Lemon 'Bellini' which was limoncello, prosecco, and lemon sorbet, very tasty) and an appetizer of prosciutto and roasted figs which was very good. After ordering another round of drinks we ordered dinner; Angel Hair pasta with blistered tomatoes and fresh basil, and seared salmon on a bed of arugula with a vinaigrette. Yum. For dessert I ordered profiteroles (because the BF 'didn't want any'), they came with chocolate, honey, and pistachio gelato along with homemade chocolate sauce (The BF ate half, BTW which is what I had intended so it was fine =]). I also had coffee with Bailey's (Why yes, I was feeling good by the end of dinner ;-]).

I hung out a home a bit before heading over to Heavenly Creations for Knitters' Night Out, which was a good time.

Saturday was an OK day. The BF and I were arguing a bit because when we clean up the apartment he usually does the living room (where all my knitting stuff is strewn about) and I do the bedroom (because he's lousy at sorting and putting away clothes). The thing is, that he puts all of my knitting stuff in a pile for me to put away. Which annoys the hell out of me. It ends up back where it was in a day or so and he tangles things and my notions bag isn't always closed so stuff falls out of it (he put it unzipped upside down in my knitting bag once) and when I go to find something I can't because he's moved it. So I've asked him not to bother with it and I'll do it myself, which he says he can't clean unless he moves my stuff.. etc etc etc.

Also, even though we went out on Friday for Valentine's Day, I was expecting to get something small on Saturday like flowers or just a little "I love you and was thinking about you" kind of gift. I'd gotten him a card that reminded me of him a couple of weeks ago and I gave that to him when he came home from work, but he didn't have anything in return. And I know it's silly, but I was already moody and my swap package hadn't arrived (It was supposed to arrive by Saturday, only it didn't. I did, however get a note from the post office saying it would be ready for pick up on Tuesday [Curse Presidents' Day!]) so I was feeling a little disappointed and was further so by the lack of Valentine's Day thoughtfulness. The BF did feel bad and said he'd planned on getting me something tomorrow while I was at work to surprise me, since he hadn't really had a chance to use the car without me (I wanted him to go pick up lunch by himself for this reason!) he hadn't had a chance to pick some flowers up. But, I ended up just telling him to forget it because it wouldn't be the same.

Sunday I worked at Heavenly Creations and I worked on my Chur Relic-Purse as well as reading a book for my Hispanic Novel class. It's the Anthology Latinos in Lotusland. Which is actually kind of depressing because nothing good ever happens to the characters in the stories. It's actually the trend I've noticed in the novels for this class. They're depressing. I'm also reading less than up beat literature for my Modernity class so all in all I've been having a tough time with the readings this quarter.

Anyhow, my point is that I read over half of the 300 page Anthology by Sunday afternoon. At 5 pm on Sunday I check my e-mail and the teacher has e-mailed us telling us about the 6 stories we have to read out of the book for class. AT FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE EVENING ON THE SUNDAY BEFORE THE TUESDAY CLASS. THE LAST CLASS WE HAD WAS ON LAST TUESDAY, DO YOU NOT THINK HE COULD HAVE INFORMED US OF THIS SOONER OR PUT IT ON THE SYLLABUS? NO! IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE HE DOESN'T FOLLOW THE SYLLABUS ANYHOW AND WHO CARES BECAUSE WE HARDLY TALK ABOUT THE READINGS IN THE CLASS ANYWAY. *twitch* I sent the teacher an e-mail saying that it would have been nice to know this sooner since I was trying to be a responsible student and started reading the book a while ago to have it finished by Thursday.

Fuck, I hate that class. The teacher seems like a cool dude and he's smart and whatever but I am thoroughly nonplussed by the way he runs the discussions in class and how he runs the class in general.

Anyhow, the BF walked to HC before I got off work to surprise me and tell me that even though I told him not to get me anything he wanted to because he loves me and wanted to do something nice for me (All together, "Awww"). He said "I'll buy you whatever you want, flowers, dinner, yarn, whatever." I declined yarn because it's kind of expensive and told him just to take me out to dinner (I'd rather have him spend $25 on dinner for both of us than $20 on yarn for me) and randomly get me flowers sometime, like if I was having a bad day/week or something.

We ended up also going to Half Price Books and the Chocolate Cafe' (Where I had yummy chocolate peanutbutter layer cake.. they drizzled the whole thing with melted chocolate which they poured over the forks so they were also covered in melted chocolate-AWESOME!).

So even though it wasn't entirely good, I did have a good weekend.

Tuesday I'll be sharing some swappy goodness with you. =)


Emily said...

He offered to buy you yarn?? Awesome! I'm glad your weekend was good. Seems Valentines Day puts so much pressure on people it isn't nearly as much fun as it could be

Courtney said...

I totally understand your frustration with your teacher. I've had classes just like that, where the teacher just assumes that everyone is a big slacker and hasn't done the reading in advance, so it's okay to just change everything at the very last minute. So frustrating.

But on the good side of things, it's so sweet that your boyfriend offered to buy you yarn! And all the tasty treats you guys had over the weekend sound divine! I hope you can pick up your swap package right away on Tuesday and that this week at school goes better. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! You forgot to mention the awesomely yummy cookies you make and shared with me. Which BTW...I would love to have the recipe for.

Thanks for helping me frog my sweater on Saturday. I couldn't have done it without you!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the good outweighed the bad. So ... all in all ... you are on the plus side of things.

The desserts all sound yummy!

Courtney said...

Hi again, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for an award on my blog this afternoon. :)

KellieBelle said...

ooooo, I want some of the cake! I think that by itself makes up for the other crappy stuff :)

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