Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

Caution, picture heavy!


Today, I got a snow day! I called off work after finding out that The Ohio State University had canceled classes! Here's a lovely example of what was happening this morning:

The snow died down around noon, but there's over a half foot of the stuff out there now. Crazy!

One of my snow day activities was to try out this 5 Minutes a Day for fresh baked bread. I made the basic Boule recipe, only a smaller amount because I only had one packet of yeast. Lucky you, I was a good blogger and took pictures along the way!

Here's the dough rising:

And in loaf form:

Post baking:


The bread has a really nice, chewy texture and a good crust. As you can probably tell, I did half whole wheat flour, because I'm not a huge fan of plain white bread. I'd highly recommend trying this. There's enough dough for 2 more loaves in my fridge. They'll acquire a nice sour-dough flavor the longer they hang out in the fridge (less than 2 weeks, though). I think this bread will become a part of my weekly routine.

Something else I worked on was the sleeve for my Owl sweater. Yes, I cast on another project. I saw this sweater on SweetP's blog and decided that was what my Cascade ecowool from the Wndowpane Coat wanted to be.

I am, however modifying it so that it will be a zipper cardigan instead of a pullover. I'm also adding owls to the sleeves:

I'm almost done with sleeve #1. I'll cast on #2 tomorrow maybe. The owl is a little hard to see. There's a column of purl stitches on both sides of him that are visible when I'm wearing it but are recessed in the picture.

A few days ago I finished Fidget, and bought some buttons from Heavenly Creations for it. I absolutely love it and have worn it several times.


Yarn: Elisabeth Lavold Silky Flamme', Alpaca/Silk/Merino blend (Fab!)
Pattern: The Fidget by Robin Dodge
Mods: I changed the button and button hole placement. Instead of yarn overs for the button holes, I bound off 3 sts and then cast them on for the next row.
Thoughts: I love the twisted moss stitch! It makes a cushy fabric, and I like the way it looks with the thick/thin of the Silky Flamme'.

I was also planning on sharing the saga of the Chur Relic-Purse with you today (along with a picture), but I'm not particularly in the blogging mood and I have a few other things to attend to, so perhaps tomorrow!


Heather said...

Ohhhh, the bread looks lovely! I'll have to make it again soon. And the owl is gorgeous. You are very inspiring, you know!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the owl on the sleeve.

When my son was little ---23 years ago --- I made him a sweater with that same little owl.

Thanks for the memory.

sweetp said...

Great idea for owls modifications! look forward to seeing it

Candice said...

That bread looks delicious! And the owl on the sleeve is such a cute idea!

Catherine Kerth said...

moss stitch! your neck warmer is awesome.... and the bread looks delicious too ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the owl! I can't wait to see more of that sweater.

And there is nothing better than a snow day for some good relaxing (and knitting) at home!

Emily said...

I love the fidget! And I'm gonna have to try that bread, it looks lovely. Thanks for the recipe :)

knottygnome said...

mmm, bread.

your looks pretty and very cozy!

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