Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm freee! =D I officially am finished with school for about whole weeks. This means lots and lots of uninterrupted (well, almost, I do have to work, eat, clean, and occasionally spend time with the BF...) knitting time!

What's that mean I'm going to knit?!?

Freakin' Christmas presents... lol.

I'm going to start up mom's socks soon. I have most of the cuff finished on the first sock and I'll seam up the cuff (it's intarsia and so worked flat...) need to figure out what kind of heel to make and do the foot and then repeat. I should have those puppies cranked out by the middle of next week.

I also need to finish the Jacques-Cousteau hat, which I plan on doing tomorrow at Knitter's night out. I have it on DPNs and I only need to decrease 100.000.000 more stitches.

Then I have to finish and felt basically a whole pair of Fuzzy Feet. I haven't had much time with them since I cast on, since the BF is home like ALL THE TIME. >.>

Oh, and another hat.

And ornaments.

Did I mention I'm crazy?

The BF and I got a tree today. It's small, but we like it and it was only $15! Way less than when I was expecting. We decorated it with Christmas ornaments that we've had since we were children, along with the bulbs that our parents gifted us last year. I also had 2 new ornaments made for me by my fellow crafters. =)



The little knitting bag is from my spoilee Mareisa on SOAB, and the sewn bird is from my spoiler, fiendishchef.

I have to admit, I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit as much this season. The BF and I weren't even sure if we were going to get a tree or not this year (our computer desk is where our tree last year was). Last year we went out the Saturday after Thanksgiving to get a tree to put up. Even then we could hardly wait to do it!

But I finally decided that it would be a good thing to get a Christmas tree because it would make it feel more like Christmas, and it has. It's pretty and it smells like pine (Boo, artifical trees!), and it makes me feel like the Holidays really are here. We think part of it was that this quarter was so jam packed for us. We both were either doing some kind of homework or reading or working all quarter, so it basically zoomed by.

I love where we ended up putting the tree. We had to move the DVD shelf to do so, but it's right beside the computer so get to keep looking at it whilst browsing teh netz.

When I was coming home from my last exam, I heard lots of chirping. I mean like a lot. Think walking into a pet shop with way too many parakeets. This is what I saw:


See all those black dots? Those are birds. This picture doesn't even show all of them. Maybe like half.

Anything else random I want to talk about? Oh yes, Knitty.

Must make this:

Fern Glade

There are others I like. But I'll have plenty of time for that later.

Bye, loves. =)

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