Saturday, December 6, 2008

Swap on a Budget!

So I did Swap on A Budget, a Ravelry swap where you have a $20 minimum and you put together a package for your 'spoilee' and then wait for your own. The deadline for package arrival was the 5th, luckily mine came a few days early. =)

My spoiler was FiendishChef, and she did a wonderful job!


So here's the swag:
2 skeins of Knit Picks Palette in Lilac
2 skeins of Cascade Fixation in a teal color
1 skein of Eden bamboo, which I already knit up
An adorable sewn bird ornament that she made herself
a bag with Ravelry stickers, a Bob pin, and a Soak sample
3 kinds of tea, Summer time (orange, strawberry, and marigold), Mint Medley (which is delicious!), and Black-Cherry (already gone! *sniff*)
A kit to make homemade marshmallows
Jack-Daniels flavored coffee
A cute magnetic picture frame
And finally some really pretty shell stitch markers

Here's a close up of those (sorry about the flash, boo inside photography)


It was a lovely, thoughtful package. =)

In other news, I've slowed down a bit on the Christmas knitting, mainly because I'm trying to work on projects for the BF that I can't work on while he's at home, which is like 80% of my free time. Also, I took the size 4 needles out of the Light House Socks for the Jacques-Cousteau hat and put my size 4 DPNs in, instead just for them to hang out, and I need the size 4 DPNs to start Bubby along with some other Christmas project.

I also need to finish Tiny Turtle. He'd probably take less than 3 hours to knit if I just sat down and did it, but I put him down because I wanted to have Wendy sew the head on (she did, she makes dolls and I knew she'd do a good job), I just have to make 2 more tiny legs and sew them on and he'll be finished.

Right now I should be writing my take home final, or the 8 page research paper that's due on Thursday. Meh. I have some time.

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