Monday, November 3, 2008


Just a few quick words.

First, I FINISHED Emerald! =) No FO pics, because I want to have my mom model it since it's for her.

I'm wearing it now. It's warm. And done. Donedonedone.

Yesterday I voted.

Yesterday I stood in line.

Yesterday I stood in line 6.5 HOURS to vote.


As soon as I finish my swap knitting (very soon.. tonightish) It will be full throttle Christmas knitting.



cosymakes said...

dude. 6.5 hours. ugh.

but you did it :)

Thalia said...

Wow - I think you win, so far, for longest wait in line that I know of. I was lucky - we had a ton of election volunteers at my polling place, and I only waited maybe 30 or so minutes in line. A coworker who lives the next town over had to wait 3 hours.

I love the idea of Emerald in Ecological Wool (I love that stuff)!

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