Friday, November 14, 2008


So ever since I saw Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush, I've been itching to knit some real lace. Well I guess what really sparked my desire to knit lace was the beautiful Muir, and then Waves of Grain (which I plan on knitting right after Christmas!) AND Knitty has a free Estonian Lace Scarf pattern by Nancy. Hurry and down load it because it will only be free until December 11th!

*sigh* But I've been knitting on Christmas gifts. Luckily I decided to make my Grandmother a lace scarf, so even though it's not estonian lace (no nupps! I really want to try to make some...), and it's not for me, it's still lace and enough to keep me satisfied and knitting for Christmas and not for me.

I've been very busy with school work, so I haven't had as much time for as knitting as I's like. I'm usually working/cleaning/cooking/homework-ing until about 9 PM and I'll knit for a while before bed, which is usually a good hour, hour and a half, but I'm tired and it's not getting me as far as I'd like on projects. I have a rough draft of a 7-8 p. research paper due Thursday and an analytical paper due Friday(A week from today), and an oral report to be working on for the same class that the paper is due in. After this week things should chill out a little, but I'll be glad to be at the end of this quarter.

Tonight is knitter's night out at Heavenly Creations and I'm looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to meeting Cosy, of Cosy Knits (Literally). She is going to be in town for Tiny Canary, and I offered my pull-out bed so she could skip the hotel. I've been pretty quiet about it, but I'm excited. =) She's going to be coming to Heavenly Creations with me tonight fot the knitter's night out, so it should be extra fun.

Okay, so, FO pics. =)

Reversible Lace Ladders Scarf(rav):

(This is the actual color)



Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca Worsted Glow
Needles: Size 8
Pattern: Reversible Lace Ladders (gift)
Mods: I c/o 12 less stitches to make it thinner
Thoughts: I liked the pattern, it was easy to memorize and kept me interested (especially since it went so fast.. 6 days!). I like the yarn, just a little bit of sparkle.

Robin's Egg Blue hat(rav):


(pretty button)

Yarn: Plymouth Encore Mega
Needles: Size 15 circs
Pattern: Robin's Egg Blue Hat
Mods: I had to account for gauge, and I knitted the brim in garter stitch instead of seed stitch.
Thoughts: Easy pattern, cute results. This hat only took me like 2 hours to knit. The yarn is squooshy and I'd use it again.

Two Christmas presents crossed off the list.

I'm currently working on Branching out(rav) and the Binary Cable hat(rav).

Have a great weekend. =)

P.S. The new Twist Collective came out. I'm pretty excited. Check it out.

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