Friday, November 7, 2008


So today was pretty normal. I woke up, went to work, paid a visit to the yarn shop.

Then I came home to finish a paper.

Now, the BF and I have been sharing his laptop because mine crapped out a long time ago (Actually, it was fixed before I left for Italy, but at the end of my trip it decided to die again) and it would need a new motherboard. The BF's laptop has been slowly deteriorating for a while now, it kept telling us there was a surge on the USB port when nothing was plugged in, it randomly deleted many of the BF's saved papers, and it slowly decided not to recognize the power cord any longer (It would sometimes flash bright and then not, going back and fourth between recognizing the power cord and not, I thought it was going to give me a seizure).

So, finally, today it was nearly impossible to get the laptop to recognize the power cord. No amount of jiggling, wiggling, plugging and unplugging would get it to recognize it. I told the BF that we couldn't wait for Christmas to ask for money and that we needed a computer soon. Like this weekend. I said that he could sign up for a store credit card and we'd have 0% APR and at least a year to pay it off and between the two of us it shouldn't be a problem.

So we headed to Best Buy. After debate and worrying about which computer and what features, not to mention the financial commitment it would take two full time students to purchase a computer, we did it.

I am writing this on our brand new computer. So far, so good. =)

We ended up spending about $300 extra on things like anti-virus software, a wi-fi card, and a 3 year warranty from Best Buy. They also tried to get us to pay $130 for them to 'optimize' the computer so it would run faster, clear out junk programs that are installed by the company, install the anti-virus, updating Windows and back-up the system.

We decided that apart from optimizing the system, these were things (though time-consuming) that we could do for ourselves and we decided to return the service (we had originally purchased it with the rest of the system- it was a flurry of yeah, yeah I want that).

Oh, another thing I am excited about is being able to install my photo software and being able to use my good camera again! I will treat you to some quality knitting photos, as opposed to some of the out of focus ones that have been thrown around my blog (also probably more pictures of Italy!).

I'm sorry there hasn't been much knitting content in my blog. I started Lace Ladders with the Plymouth Alpaca Glow. It's my fourth attempt at a scarf with this yarn, and I finally have a match. I've knitted through one ball and I joined the other today. Hopefully I can stick with it and have this finished by the middle of next week, then I can cross off one of the Christmas presents on my list and start another!

I actually used the Russian Join for the first time. I liked it , but it made the stitches where the yarn was joined a little large. I think it would be less noticeable in a thinner yarn (this is DK).

Anyhow, I do plan on blogging more about election results and my opinions on the parties. I have a few things to say about my experiences with the opposite party.

Tomorrow, maybe some Alpaca.

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