Monday, October 6, 2008


Sleeves are the bane of my existance (My boyfriend thinks I'm over reacting). Well to be more correct a sleeve is the bane of my existance. The sleeve for Emerald. Curse it.

After casting this stupid thing on 3 times (Once with the Magic Loop, Once with 2 circs [Why I thought that would be better, I don't know], and finally with shiny new bamboo DPNs). The first two times I got ladders. The third time was a go. I knit and knit and knit, counted rows and made increaces where I was told to, stopped and admired it, felt the cushy fabric that the ecowool was making.

When I was finally finished (last night, I cast on on Friday and knit the last few rows last night) I put the stitches for the underarm on a stitch holder and the rest on waste yarn, and then I tried it on.

Man, it was tight. Like, you probably shouldn't try and wear a long sleeved shirt under it tight. Which may have been okay, except this is a layering garment. You're supposed to be able to wear shirts under it.

With much whining and many curses (It's just a sleeve, honey) I ripped back all 18" of it and started the decreases sooner with fewer rows inbetween. It still may be too tight. I haven't decided.

Curse sleeves.

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