Saturday, October 18, 2008

Progress report

So this morning my boyfriend tells me that he needs the car, he needs to go and do something. I keep asking him where he needs to go and he, being a dork, refuses to tell me. He leaves and about an hour later he comes back with the new Copeland CD, and these:


He picked them out and arranged them himself. Aren't they beautiful? I especially love the baby roses, they're so cute. =)

I asked them if they were for Sweetest Day (which is today) but he said no, he'd wanted to do this earlier in the week but wasn't able to because he left his wallet at his parents' house.

Love him. =)

After I went outside to take pictures of my flowers, I realized how nice it was with the sun and all so I (in my PJs), like any normal person, took my knitting outside to photograph it.

I'm a little over half done with my Clapotis:


It's a little washed out there, but you can see how big it got! =) I've used up the first skein of Silky and just started the second.

Branching out:


Malabrigo lace. I really like how it's turning out!

Sleeves of Emerald:


I supposed that's a little washed out too. I was having to hurry because the camera batteries were dying...

Anyhow, the sleeve is a lot longer than that, now. I took this before I went to my LYS and I was there for about 2 hours, I got past all of the increases and now I only need a few more inches of knitting before I can start the yoke! =)

Finished Caliometry:


It's not very symmetrical, but it's a lot smaller. I've worn it a few times, now and I really like it! You can't see the button very well, and I'm not exactly sure what it's made of, but it's shiny and pretty. =)

Tomorrow I think I'm going to the pumpkin festival to eat some pumpkin goodies!

TTFN! ;-)


Dori Ann said...

Hi Neighbor!
Yes I'm in the knitting blog too. Your knitting is beautiful, I wish I could get some of my stuff done!! I just keep playing with fiber and spin it up, and then feel guilty because I have so many things in my basket to finish :(
Beautiful flowers too!
Dori Annamaikrqc

Emily said...

hey there! i bumped into your blog and just had to tell you i love the projects you have going! that lace is lovely :)

kv said...

good boyfriend + good knitting projects=good life!!!

Emily said...

OOOhhhhh that casserole sounds great!

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